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Blockchain investing / DEFI (Yield Farming )


Blockchain Investing

DEI Yield Farming

We have more than 4 years track record :

  • Trading consistently regardless of market conditions

  • Actively managing portfolios and investments

  • A deep understanding of crypto / bitcoin market cycles.

  • Tracking Macro factors and its impact on bitcoin and blockchain tech

Our team has a combination of both private funds management , crypto asset class experience both as successful investors , users and entrepreneurs.

We help institutions and private investor navigate any aspect of the crypto industry :

  • Identity the best early stage investments opportunities

  • Research and investigate existing projects or tokens

  • Take advantage of bitcoin cycles

  • Navigate the decentralized finance DEFI and Non fungible tokens NFT aspects of blockchain investing

  • Yield farming opportunities (generate passive income or interest with your exist assets )

We offer a complete blockchain investment service to select clients :

we support you on your full investment journey in addition to services above.

Primevast blockchain Journey

  • We keep you updated with the latest regulations which might impact your investment .

  • The latest security updates which impacts how you secure your digital assets

  • Actionable market cycle updates

  • New trends and investments opportunities (currencies , nfts , gaming , defi , new sectors )

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